TurfTide Newfoundlands - Bred for soundness, type, and temperament.
About Us
We live on a 30 acre farm in south central Kentucky and have owned Newfoundlands for almost 20 years.  Our first boy, Jake, came from Kathy Hamilton of Old Bay Newfoundlands, followed by Sadie from Debbie Summers of Skimeister Kennels.  Jake and Sadie cemented our love for this special breed through their gentle dispositions and strong connection with our family.  Sadly, both of these extraordinary Newfs have moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Now that our sons are grown and off on their own, I've turned my full attention to working with our current crop of Newfies in the conformation ring, working events, and breeding.
TurfTide is a small kennel which only breeds one to two litters per year.  Under the mentorship of Betty McDonnell (Kilyka Newfoundlands) and Patti McDowell (Council Cup Newfoundlands),  my main goal is to breed healthy, lovable Newfs which, hopefully, will excel in all venues.  All of our breeding dogs are cleared for hearts, hips, elbows, patellas, and cystinuria.  Please check for clearances on the OFA website    http://www.offa.org/
*Once at the OFA website, go to the Search Records tab and type in the registered name of the dog you wish to research.
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