TurfTide Newfoundlands - Bred for soundness, type, and temperament.


They are extremely messy dogs that drool (no such thing as a dry-mouthed Newf), shed year round with major coat-blowings in the Spring and Fall, and require frequent time-consuming and costly grooming in order to avoid skin issues. This breed must be kept as a close family member; not as an outside dog, resulting in a house in need of constant cleaning.  Expect to spend a lot of money on grooming tools such as a table, high quality dryer, combs, undercoat rakes, scissors… the list goes on and on.  Those who choose professional groomers are often shocked by the cost and the need for in-between grooming.  The cost of a puppy is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can expect to spend on upkeep.  Yes, they are Gentle Giants, but they're not born that way!  A growing pup will test you and will treat young children as littermates which can result in body slamming and nipping.  Lots of time and energy goes into training. 

On the flip side, they are wonderfully intuitive, loyal, and loving dogs who will steal your heart if you invest the necessary time and can put up with the mess...

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