TurfTide Newfoundlands - Bred for soundness, type, and temperament.
November 2015:
Winslow  takes a Best of Breed and a GROUP 1 at the National Dog Show in Philadelphia.  He made his TV debut Thanksgiving Day!

October 2015:
Winslow takes a Select/Award of Merit at the amazing Morris & Essex show
Winslow  takes a Best of Breed 2 days in Hatboro
Winslow  takes a Best of Breed all 3 days in Massachusetts

September 2015:
Winslow  takes a Select and a Select/Award of Merit at the 2 day NY Regional
Winslow with Jason Rainey at the helm earn Rally Advanced B
Winslow  with Jason handling earn Therapy Dog International certification
Winslow re-qualifies for Water Rescue Dog title twice!

August 2015:
Winslow is now a VN!!!!!
(Versatile Newfoundland - a HUGE accomplishment)
Winslow earns his Water Rescue Dog title at the PONC water test

July 2015:
Winslow takes a Group 3 and a Group 4 in Virginia
Nolan is now a Champion taking Best of Breed twice over specials in SC

June 2015:
Winslow takes 2 Group 1's in Maryland
Kismet takes 2 Group 3's in Michigan
Kismet takes a Best in Show/Owner-Handler in Michigan!!!
Kismet takes a Group 2/Owner-Handler in Michigan
Merin takes a Best Puppy in Group in Canada
Merin is now a Champion in Canada

May 2015:
Newf National Placements in Warwick, Rhode Island:
Clara (Jill's pup) gets an Award of Merit in Best of Breed
Kismet(Jill's pup) gets an Award of Merit in Best of Breed
Nolan (Addy's pup) takes Winners Dog
Karl (Jill's pup) helps sire, Clancy, to place 1st in Stud Dog
Merin (Jill's grandpup) places 3rd in 9 - 12 month Sweeps
Honna (Addy's pup) places 1st in Bred By Exhibitor
Winslow (Addy's pup) makes a cut in Best of Breed

Karltakes Group 2 and a Group 3 in Colorado
Winslow takes Group 2 in Virgnia

April 2015:
Karltakes Group 3 on his way to the National

March 2015:
Clara is a Grand Champion
Clara takes Best of Opposite at the SENC Regional Specialty
Karl takes Best of Breed to Clara's Best of Opposite in Louisville, KY
Nolan takes a major at his first show ever in Louisville!

2014 Happenings: (Condensed Version!!!)
Karl is a Grand Champion and has taken numerous Group Placements
Kismet is a Grand Champion
Winslow is a Grand Champion and has taken numerous Group Placements

September 2013:
Hazel takes Best of Winners for her 2nd major in Greeley, Colorado
Hazel takes Best of Opposite for her 3rd major in Greeley
Hazel is now a US and CAN CHAMPION!! 
August 2013:
Hazel takes Best of Breed over specials in Edmonton, Canada
April/May 2013:
Newf National in Frankenmuth: To make a cut is huge, to place is FABULOUS!
Jill places 2nd in Brood Bitch Class! - judged on merits of Karl and Clara 
Hazel places 1st in Open!
Kismet places 3rd in Am Bred!
March 2013:
Teller TurfTide's Fortune Teller at Bear N Mind takes a 5 point Major at NPD Newf Regional in York, PA and is now a CHAMPION!
Clara takes Winner's Bitch at the Kentuckiana Cluster and is now a CHAMPION! 
Clara takes a Select at the Louisville cluster
Hazel takes Reserve 2 days at the Louisville cluster.
February 2013:
Southeastern Newf Club Regional Placements:
Clara goes Best in Sweepstakes!
Clara takes 1st in Bred By Exhibitor Class
Hazel takes Reserve 2 days from a huge entry!
Karl goes Best in Sweepstakes at the HCNC Newf Regional Specialty in Colorado!
Karl follows Best in Sweeps with 3 majors and is a CHAMPION!
Clara takes Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners in Atlanta
for 2 more majors!
November 2012:
Hazeltakes a 4 point Major in Concord, NC
Claratakes Winner's Bitch in Concord, NC
October 2102:
Clara  takes Best of Winners for a 3 point Major in Atlanta, GA.
September 2012:
Clara, at the tender age of 13 months, takes Best of Winners at the Lexington Cluster
June 2012:
Addy X Travis Puppies arrive!
May 2012:
TurfTide Results at 2012 National Specialty
Jill takes a double Select in Best of Breed
Hazel places 2nd in the Open Black Bitch Class
Clara places 2nd in the 6 - 9 mo. Puppy Bitch Class
Teller - TurfTide's Fortune Teller For Bear N Mind makes a cut in the 6 - 9 mo. Puppy    Bitch Class
Karl - TurfTide's Going The Distance makes a cut in the 6 - 9 mo. Puppy Dog Class
April 2012:
Kismet - TurfTide's Meant to Be B.I.G went BEST OF BREED from the 6 - 9 mo. Puppy Bitch Class over Specials 2 days in Birch Run, MI!!!!
March 2012:
Hazel takes WB in Hilton Head!
February 2012:
Hazel takes Best of Breed three days in Tallahassee, FL!
Hazel takes First in Bred by Exhibitor 2 days at the Greenville, SC Regional Specialty!
September 2011:
Addy finishes her championship at the Lexington, KY Cluster!
Addy takes Best of Breed at the Lexington Cluster over several nice dogs her first day out as a Special. What a girl!
August 2011:
Jill X Clancy puppies are here!  4 girls and 2 boys.  Pups and mom are doing well.
May 2011:
Hazel placed 2nd in the Novice Class at the National Specialty in Frankenmuth, MI.
Jill showed beautifully in the Top Twenty and Best of Breed in Frankenmuth.
Jill is now the Cover Girl for the Newfoundland Club of America's new handbook! 
Thank you NCA for such a wonderful honor.

March 2011:
Addy takes Winner's Bitch in Franklin, TN.  Just a few more single points to go sweet Adds...
February 2011:
Jill is a 2010 Top Twenty Newfoundland.  Quite an accomplishment for a bitch who has only been shown a handful of times!
November 2010:
Jill earns her Grand Champion title!
October 2010:
Jill takes Best of Breed twice in Atlanta!
Addy takes Winner's Bitch in Marietta, GA while her best buddy,
Jill takes Best of Opposite and Best of Breed! You go girls!!!
May 2010: 
Jill takes Best of Opposite Sex AGAIN at the 2010 National Specialty in Michigan just 7 months after whelping pups!  I'm so incredibly proud of my Silly Jilly and her fabulous handler, Pauline Baldwin.  Huge congrats to Lincoln for his 3rd time taking Best of Breed.
March 2009 Addy takes a 3 point major at the Louisville shows! Way to go Missy Adds!  
March 2009  Jill is a Top Twenty Newf!  Congrats to my sweet girl!
October 2009    Jill X Lincoln puppies have arrived!
8 pups: 4 boys and 4 girls. 
For pictures, go to Jill X Lincoln page.
June 2009 Addy goes Winner's Bitch in Asheville, North Carolina.
May 2009: Addy goes Best of Opposite one day and Winner's Bitch another at the River King supported shows in Illinois.
April/May 2009: Jill goes BEST of OPPOSITE SEX at the 2009 NEWFOUNDLAND NATIONAL SPECIALTY in Frankenmuth, Michigan!!!  HUGE Accomplishment for a 20 month old bitch. See her page for more information.
April/May 2009: Addy takes 3rd in the 15-18 month Sweeps at the National Specialty.  She also made the final cut in the 12-18 month regular class of over 30 bitches!  Great job Adds!
March 2009: Jill finishes her championship in Louisville, KY with a 4th major win by going Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite! She moved up to Best of Breed Class the final day of the show and took Best of Opposite.  You have had quite a run Silly Jilly!  We are so proud.  
March 2009: Jill takes her 3rd major with Best of Winners and Best of Opposite in Franklin, Tenn.
March 2009:  Addy, at 14 months,  takes her 12 - 18 month class one of the two days entered in Louisville against extremely tough competition.
March 2009:  Addy takes the 12 - 18 month class both days she was entered in Franklin, Tenn.
February 2009: Jill competed at the back-to-back North Central Newfoundland Club Regional Specialties. She took her class on Friday
and on Saturday took Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and an
Award of Merit!!!!  This is her second 5 point major - she has been out less than a half dozen times and she is just now 18 months old!
February 2009: Addy competed at the back-to-back North Central Newfoundland Club Regional Specialties. Addy took Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes both days!  I'm so proud of my girls.
December 2008: Addy and Duncan, along with the Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, Dr. Daniel Mongiardo, presented 2 hunters with plaques for their selfless act of saving a Newfoundland dog.  Pictures can be found in the Updated Photo section.  The ceremony was covered by WKYT news.  Click here to read Chelsea's Story.
November 2008: Kramer passes the Love on a Leash test to become a certified therapy dog!  Way to go sweet boy.  We know you will excel in making others smile, just as you do us.
October 2008: Addy takes a 3 point major at the River King Newf Specialty in Illinois.  She is only 9 months and 2 weeks old and had very stiff competition.  Addy also went Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes! 
October 2008: Jill wins the 12-18 month bitch class an the River King Specialty and takes 2nd in Sweeps.  This show was packed with quality bitches and dogs.
August 2008: Jill takes a 5 point major at the Bluegrass Classic Dog Shows - HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT for a 1 year and 1 month old bitch.  See pictures in her link.
August 2008: Addy debuts at the Lexington, KY show and wins the 6-9 month puppy bitch class the three days she was entered.  She was a hoot in the ring!
June 2008: Jill takes a Group 2 in a B match in Lexington, KY.
April/May 2008: Jill makes the final cut in both sweeps and 6 to 9 month puppy class at the Newfoundland National Specialty in Rhode Island.
March 2008:  Another show bitch puppy arrives from  HayTee Kennel.  Her name is Addy and we have great hopes for her.  She is out of Wendy Hayman's and Cherilynn Antin's bitch, Siren, and Nakiska's Giant of Hapipaws Andre, a NCA Top Twenty Dog in 2007.  See her link for more information.
March 2008Jill wins the 6 to 9 month bitch puppy class on Saturday and Sunday at the Louisville, KY cluster of shows.
October 2007Jill, a new show bitch puppy, joins our family from Betty McDonnell of Kilyka Newfoundlands.  Thanks Betty for this wonderful girl who, hopefully, will become a foundation bitch for TurfTide Newfoundlands.  She has a wonderfully sound pedigree from the Kilyka and Council Cup lines.  See her link for more information.
August 2007:  Our Landseer boy, Duncan, earns his championship in Atlanta, Georgia with two 4 point majors and one 5 point major!!!  Way to go big boy.  See his link for more information.
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