TurfTide Newfoundlands - Bred for soundness, type, and temperament.
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Please provide information on previously owned dogs, length of ownership, and what happened to them:
Please provide information on currently owned pets (types, breeds, ages, temperament). Indicate whether or not the dog/s are neutered, spayed, or intact.
What brand of kibble do you currently feed? If you feed raw, please indicate that.
Please provide information on your experience with Newfoundlands:
Please list those living in your household, ages of children, and hours away from home per day:
Is anyone in the house allergic to animals? If yes, describe
Describe your home (single, townhouse, mobile) and whether you own it or rent it.
If you rent, please provide name, address, and phone # of landlord
Do you plan to move in the next year or two?
If yes, to where and when?
Please describe your yard:
Is it fenced? What type and height?
If not fenced, how do you plan to contain your Newf in the yard when alone?
Who will be the Newf's primary caregiver?
Do you understand the amount of time and energy it takes to raise a Newf puppy?
What will you do with your Newf when you're away from home for vacation or extended periods of time?
How will you contain your Newf when away from home for short periods of time?
Will your Newf be an inside or outside dog? Please elaborate and include where your dog will sleep:
Do all family members want a Newf? If no, explain:
Does everyone understand that Newfs drool and shed a ton?
Are you willing to follow the breeder's instructions for feeding and raising a growing Newf?
Please describe your family's typical week day and weekend day:
Do you plan to attend obedience classes with your Newf? If yes, when will you begin?
What kind of activities do you plan to pursue with your Newf?
What type of Newf pup are you desiring?
Show female
Pet female
Show male
Pet male
No preference
Do you understand that your "show" pup may NOT grow into a show dog?
Do you hope to breed your Newf?
Do you understand the difference between an AKC limited and full registration?
If desiring a full registration, will you agree to co-ownership?
If desiring a limited registration, will you spay/neuter your Newf at the agreed upon age?
Are you willing to keep in frequent contact with your Newf's breeder?
Are you a member of a regional Newf club? If yes, which one?
Are you a member of the Newfoundland Club of America?
Are you willing to join your regional club and the NCA? If no, please elaborate.
Please provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of 2 references
Provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of your current and past vets. Please give them permission to speak with me about your pets.
How did you learn about TurfTide's upcoming litter?
Why are you interested in a TurfTide Newfoundland?
Are you currently in contact with other breeders for a puppy? If yes, which breeder/s?
Any questions or comments?
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