TurfTide Newfoundlands - Bred for soundness, type, and temperament.
GCH Kilyka's Jillion Steps to TurfTide
My Silly Jilly.  My once in a lifetime girl who is the foundation for TurfTide Newfoundlands.  She is sorely missed, but, undoubtedly is beaming with pride from the accomplishments of the many fabulous puppies she produced.  She lives on in them...
Link to Jill's Story

CH Windancer's Simply Dunk in Beaujolais
Our sweet Landseer boy who taught me what it meant to be a handler.

Sir Jake of Old Bay a.k.a  Jakester, Jake, Jakey-da-bakey
Our first Newfie who was "the best" companion and friend to small boys and moms alike.  Thank you for all the love you brought to the entire family...you are thought about and missed daily.

Skimeister's Say D Word  a.k.a. Sadie
Our first hope for a show dog who wasn't.  Instead, a protector and floor anchor with a knack for loving.  Be pain-free while waiting at the Bridge sweet girl.  We love you.

Marcarpent's Silent Night a.k.a. Bailey
Our wild-child rehome who filled the void Jake left with amazement and laughter.  My constant shadow who helped me through tough times and fills me with fond memories. 
 We miss you so much.
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